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Be the first to detect sales with advanced Sales Badges

Imagine you are all there, sitting comfortably in your armchair with a cup of coffee or tea, scrolling products list to choose stuff for yourself, family and friends, something special for the winter holidays. Please, imagine now that there are some special badges on the products indicating that they are under sale, making your shopping easier and helping you to save money. Moreover, now try to imagine the badges also show the sale percent. Now stop imagining, welcome back to reality with the two above mentioned options.

Advanced Sales Badges plugin is there to make that real, becoming the best solution for this. Well, from now on the user can see the sale percent of discounted products on every listing page and product slider. But wait, an additional tooltip with saved amount of money appears on hover. Another great option to attract the customers and showing the exact amount they save.

Do not worry about the shop design, all styles of the plugin are configurable, so it will perfectly match with your design.


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