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Naghashyan Solutions Becomes Shopware's First Certified Business Partner in Armenia

As you may know, one of our main specializations is e-commerce.
For the past six years we've been busy developing and maintaning large-scale e-commerce systems. Our main goal has always been to support our customers and make the entire process of selling online easy and fruitful.

We are now happy to announce that our company has become Shopware's first certified business partner in Armenia! It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with  one of the leading software developers in today's e-commerce market.

Shopware is a German company that creates the industry’s leading software,  meeting the highest demands in design and technology. They can truly be considered trendsetters in the area of creating and offering e-commerce solutions. We're motivated by their belief that inspiration is what drives them forward.

We trust the Shopware e-commerce platform, which combines German quality with modern web standards, and we use it as a main basis for solutions we offer our customers for powering their own online businesses.

Shopware was founded in 2000. Over the past 18 years, what was once a small family business has grown into a company with over 170 employees. A number of well known brands including L`Oreal, Philips, M&M`s, Discovery Channel, Frosch and more are among the company's customer list.

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