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Preview Your Online Shop at Digitec Expo with Naghashyan Solutions

Naghashyan Solutions is happy to announce that we are participating in this year's Digitec Expo for the first time. Digitec is considered the largest technological exhibition in the region and receives about 70,000 visitors, so we’re excited to take on the responsibility of being a part of this big event.


We’ve also got some great stuff to share with you at the expo. Stop by our booth and we’ll be ready to make a demo version of your shop, right on the spot! It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur, a sole trader or a representative of a brand, now's the time for you to launch your own online store. 

For the first time in Armenia, it has become possible for you to be a part of the process of creating your own online business, and we’ll be there to help you do it. 

Hurry and register, as space is limited. Follow the link to fill out an application and sign up for an available slot for a demo of your new online shop. Contact us if you have any questions concerning the application.

In addition, on the 7th of October at 13:00 we’ll be making a detailed presentation about the importance of e-commercetoday, as well as answer all your questions.

Make the first step toward selling your product over the Internet and reaching customers worldwide. While you're busy promoting your business, you can trust us to handle the implementation of your online shop.  

Digitec Expo takes place from October 5 to 7. The venue is located at Hakob Hakobyan Street. See the map for further details.

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