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Product Availability Icons: Choose What's Available

Time is so precious and it flies away so quickly. In our digital era people rush to get whatever they need. Everyone is so busy that htey hate to waste time on anything. Nowadays people don't even want to spend time standing in a queue, prefering to make their purchases online.

App and plugin developers do everything possible to simplify users' lives by introducing new tools. With that said, here is a brand new time saver for everyone who prefers online shopping. 

Now, there's no need to open products one by one to check if they are in stock.  All you need to do is install the Products Availability Icons plugin that supports all versions of Shopware 5 while surfing the Internet. With this plugin, you can easily display the availability status of products on all product listing pages. The status is automatically updated according to product availability.

The availability status is displaced using a special icon, which you can easily configure by colors, shapes and other styles. You can also define the tooltip with a small description about the product availability.

It only takes you a few seconds to install the plugin. After installation, statuses will be automatically assigned to the products. The plugin defines three status options per product: available, not available, partly available. The availability badge styles are configurable for each language depending on the shop.

The plugin is very simple to use. You can see the icons on the left part of the product, before the price. The tooltip is visible when you hover over the badge.

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