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Right click is the “new king”

Whoever has even just a little bit information about the digital world has heard the famous phrase “content is the king”. Here we are to announce that right click is the new king in e-commerce world.

Exactly the Right Click Menu plugin provides quick access to all of the most important actions related to your products.


Well, with just one right click on the product it becomes possible for the user to add anything to the basket, wish list, compare or copy its link. Just try, a pop-up with the above mentioned elements opens with  just a one right click.

By the way, the look of the pop-up can perfectly match with the shop,  by changing colors and sizes. The action is available on product listings, Shopping World product sliders and search result pages. By changing colors and sizes, you can perfectly match the look of the pop-up with your shop.

This feature makes it possible to quick access to the most important actions related to your products and is fully customizable. One of the most important benefits is that this feature perfectly matches any shop design you choose.

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