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Skipping the detail page to see more images

We always need more of something. A few more seconds to sleep and more coffee to drink in the morning, more time to work and more to enjoy the vocation, more time to manage everything and more to spend with family. The same happens while scrolling the feed with products on listing pages, we need more images. Well, time and efforts are needed to realize all the above mentioned situations, besides the last one.

It is so easy to attract users showing more images of  favorite products on listing pages and product sliders with Listing Image Rotator plugin. With the help of the plugin it makes it possible to see another image of the product with just one hover without going to detail page to see more. By the way, shop managers can choose themselves which alternative image should be shown on hover

The plugin is the simplest one, it does not have lots of configurations, though suitable to any website. The plugin is active on listing pages and product sliders.


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