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Your Customers Now Have a GOAL

One of the most annoying things about shopping online is paying for shipping. It’s hard to find anyone who is happy to spend extra money for shipping.

The Achieve Free Shipping plugin is here to help both your customers organize their orders by setting a goal to achieve free shipping, and you, as the shop owner, sell more products.

You may be wondering, how does it work? The answer is simple. The plugin shows the amount of money left in the basket until user can achieve free shipping. It's the best way to encourage customers to buy more products, and thus the sales of your shop will grow.


Additionally, the plugin’s creative design gets customers' attention.But don't worry - the pop-up disappears as soon as the goal is reached, so it doesn't bother customers

Another great feature is that this plugin is available for mobile devices as well.


 When the user adds an item to the basket, the remaining amount required to achieve free shipping, is calculated automatically.

On your website this is displayed with a loader and a short message.

The small ''truck'' icon stays on the button after the pop-up closes.

Don’t forget - you also have the option of changing colors of the icon, the text and more for different pages. This ensures that it will match perfectly with your shop design.

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