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Your Site’s Favicon is Finally Useful

How do you pack your suitcase? You try to take all of the most necessary and wanted items with you, right? You should do the same while making online purchases. All you need to do is install the Cart Items Icon plugin. It displays the total count of products in your shopping cart, near your webstore favicon.

Your customers will always see the total count of products inside their cart, even if they are using another browser tab. 


The plugin will set up its default configurations as soon as you are done with the installation. It supports all versions of Shopware 5.

Like magic, the configurations you make appear on your website immediately. The plugin allows you to configure by shape, color, position, font family, and badge animation. The count is updated in real time, as soon as you add or delete products from your shopping cart.

Whether you’re logged in or a guest user, the plugin will still operate. After the plugin is installed you can  see the total count of the products you are going to buy, even if you have opened another tab or page of the web browser.

One of the benefits of this plugin is that it works in real-time, the count of products changes as soon as you add or remove products from the basket.
The icons are displayed near the favicon. The position of the icon  is configurable.

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