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NGS Advanced Sales Badges NGS Advanced Sales Badges
Seeing special badges on products with sale, while scrolling products list, is very useful. But imagine seeing not only that the product is under sale, but also the sale percent. Advanced Sales Badges plugin is the best solution for...
5,99 € *
NGS Listing Image Rotator NGS Listing Image Rotator
The more images of the product the user sees on listing pages, the more attracted he becomes. With the help of Listing Image Rotator plugin, the user will be able to see another image of the product with just one hover. The plugin is...
14,99 € *
NGS Snowflakes NGS Snowflakes
With the help of Snowflakes plugin you can easily create a winter mood on your website. The activation of plugin will bring a “snow” to your website. The color, speed, direction, etc of the snowflakes are configurable. The snowflakes...
6,00 € *
NGS Right Click Menu NGS Right Click Menu
The Right Click Menu plugin provides quick access to all most important actions related to your products . With just one right click on the product, the user can add something to the basket, wish list, compare or copy its link. The...
19,99 € *
NGS Cart Item Icon NGS Cart Item Icon
"Cart Items Icon" plugin, displays the total count of products in the shopping cart, near your webstore favicon ( ). The plugin allows configuring the shape, color, position, font family, animation...
4,99 € *
NGS Products Availability Icons NGS Products Availability Icons
With the help of Products Availability Icons Plugin, you can easily display the availability status of the products in all product listing pages. The availability status is displaced with a special icon, which colors, shapes and other...
14,99 € *
NGS Notification Bar NGS Notification Bar
The “Notification Bar” plugin allows to establish communication bet ween the user and the shop management by sharing important messages within notification bar, that appears in the header or footer of the web site. Using the...
14,99 € *
NGS Achieve Free Shipping NGS Achieve Free Shipping
"Achieve Free Shipping" plugin is here to help your customers to organize their orders by having the free shipping opportunity as a goal. You may have a question how it could be done? Here is a simple solution. This plugin shows how much...
24,99 € *
NGS Modern Shop NGS Modern Shop
In our latest theme “Modern Shop”, we focused on keeping the styles simple, elegant and robust. The practical color gamma of the theme will allow you to use it for any industry, such as healthy lifestyle, medicine, sport, fashion,...
40,00 € *
NGS Diet Shop NGS Diet Shop
With brand new design, “Diet Shop” will make your shop even more memorable. The theme is created with Shopware 5, so its all tools are there to simplify your work. All colors of the theme are customizable, so you can create a shop...
45,00 € *